The Edruino is a free editor / programming environment for Arduino / Genuino and its clones.

Complete installation needs less than 6 megabytes.

Edruino01 Commented screenshots are here (or click on the image)...


EDRUINO - Main features

It uses the standard Arduino software for sketches compiling and downloading but GUI is replaced by a new IDE.

Arduino software compatibility

Basically, the Erduino is not a replacement for Arduino software - it is its extension.

Edruino keeps the standard Arduino software intact and uses its sketches file/folder structure so that there is no need for importing / exporting sketches to and from Edruino. You can still use the standard Arduino software as before and switch between the standard interface and Edruino.

The Arduino original file structure allows to create arbitrary subfolders structure with multiple subfolder levels which is in my opinion better solution than two-level structure using workspaces.

The Edruino is very flexible - it allows to use multiple root folders (workspaces) and inside them have multi-level subfolder structure.

OS support

Edruino is now available only for Windows systems - I've tested it on WinXP / Win7 but it should work on other windows 32 / 64 bit Windows too. Source code is in Delphi 2010 and the project could probably be moved with some effort to Free pascal / Lazarus enabling it for other operating systems ( Linux, FreeBSD, Haiku, Mac OS X/iOS).

Current status

The Edruino is in a beta state where majority of its functionality is present but not extensively tested. I would like to add some more features in future like more customization etc. but the stable version is the priority.

Although there are no known issues with source code corruption, the project is still a beta version, so please make a copy of your sketches before you start using it.


The Edruino installation is very simple - just copy the files to an arbitrary directory and you are ready to go. The program has size just about 5 megabytes and doesn't require any huge libraries or plattforms. Already installed standard Arduino software is expected and it is necessary to set the path to it in the Edruino configuration.

Why another Arduino editor ?

It always suprised me - the discrepancy between smart Arduino hardware design and easy to use programming language including a huge amount of libraries on one hand and very humble development environment on the other hand.

For a long time I hoped that there is something being prepared and released in a short time but it doesn't seem to be the case. After looking around for some alternatives I realized that I am not able to find some other simple small Arduino editor: All the available solutions either lacked the functionality I needed or were too bulky and relatively lot of learning was demanded.

So, after some hesitation I started to write my own Arduino editor in order to create IDE according to my taste, overcomming the following limitations:

As a result, EDRUINO = EDitor for aRdUINO was created.

As I started programming, the project grew from a source-code editor to something like a simple IDE.


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